Non-Invasive Pain Control- Without Drugs  


(tVNS) Transcutaneous Vagus Nerve Stimulation

Pain control is important.  We have a drug free, non-invasive, alternative available. 

 In the last 200 years, medicine has achieved great advances.  However, some problems such as pain control- still lack adequate and safe treatments.  This is where electrical nerve stimulation comes in.

Electrical stimulation can be applied to different nevers.  The most widely used to modulate functioning of the vagus nerve. Vagus nerve stimulation is a relatively new therapeutic method, therefore extensive understanding of its action echanisms is still missing, and a review of the literature database on teh subject is only still developing.  Nevertheless, modern medicine has recognized the potential of this treatment to reduce and improve the tolerability of acute as well as chronic pain. IT's effectiveness for a multitude of condition is currently being tested.

Whereas invasive vagus nerve stimulstion (VNS) has been used to treat refractory conditions such as migraines, siezures and depression, for nearly 20 years, its non-invasive counterpart (tVNS) was approved for medical use some 5 years ago. Both techniques provide promising results for a variety of diseases, but the cutaneous vagus nerve stimulation (tVNS) is associated with considerably less side effecdts.  tVNS seems to be an effective and well tolerated method.  Before your laser procedure, Coolsculpting, or Sculptra injections we offer the option to add tVNS to your normal preparation for the procedure.  Some laser procedures require topical anesthetic creams.  Adding tVNS can greatly improve the tolerability of the procedure and is painless and comfortable.

The procedure requires the placement of two sticky patches behind your ear (like an ekg pad) and a painless low amplitude and low power stimulation is applied to the pads through a battery driven device.  It is not even necessary to feel anything with the stimulation, it will still work!

Dr. Dannaker uses the V-stim, a prescription vagus nerve stimulator to help reduce your procedure discomfort.  It is a prescription only, FDA approved device.

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