Q-switched Laser For Brown Spots

There are many laser and procedures for treatment of brown spots.  Dr. Dannaker will discuss the definitive ways to accomplish significant results in the fewest number of treatments.  The q-switched lasers are still the gold standard lasers to treat brown spots but may result in a week or so of downtime (redness).  Dr. Dannaker often combines treatment modalities, sometimes using the q-switched laser at a lower setting and combining it with fractional thulium laser (Fraxel dual 1927nm), IPL (intense pulsed light) or Long Pulsed nd-yag (1064nm).  Aftercare with a broad spectrum sunscreen and topical skin lightening creams (hydroquinone or non-hydroquinone) are often recommended.  Because Dr. Dannaker has all these lasers available, treatments can be tailored to the desired results and the patient's tolerance for downtime.  In regards to brown spots, truly "no one size fits all".

Although rare, sometimes longstanding dark spots can be precancerous, or worse. Before embarking on laser treatment it's always best to have a board certified dermatologist such as Dr. Dannaker examine your spot(s).

*Results may vary