90210 Cheek Lift (actual patient)

Fillers & Cheek Lifting

Fillers that are FDA approved are safe.  The complication rate from filler injection isn't high but can be potentially serious and even cause great bodily harm.  Dr. Dannaker recommends the following:

1.  Have a U.S.  licensed physcian experienced in injection of the face perform your procedure.  Plastic Surgeons and dermatologists are familar with the danger areas when injecting the face. It has been shown that malpractice cases from filler injection where serious complications occurred, the majority of the injectors were non-physicians.

2.  Use only FDA approved fillers, which have been purchased directly from the very few approved US distributors  (never overseas or on the internet). Purchasing filler from overseas outlets is not just illegal and unethical,  it puts patients' safety at risk.  Fillers are expensive for the patient and the physician to purchase but are heavily regulated in the USA, which insures their purity and safety.

3.  Dr. Dannaker primarily uses injection cannulas for fillers and feels these have been proven safer than using the legacy approach with sharp needles. Cannulas are blunt "needles" which are  longer and more flexible than needles.  It is more difficult using a cannula to puncture a vital vein, artery or nerve.  Because of their length, the number of skin punctures is minimized.  Dr. Dannaker has used injection cannulas for many years.

Mobile physicians, those working out of their home or someone else's workplace, or injections adminsitered abroad may present significant difficulty in obtaining information about the procedure or substance used should follow up due to a complication occur.  Complications are rare, but when they occur an experienced injector physician can quicklly identify and treat the complication.  Trying to correct a complication can be costly and sometimes may not even be possible. Dr. Dannaker advises you to not necessarily seek the "best deal in town" as this can indicate an inexperienced provider, non-physician provider, or suggest illegally sourced  filler product(s) are being used. 

Fillers for Hand and Chin Augmentation
Dr. Dannaker typically uses Radiesse (R) filler for the hands and Chin augmentation.  Radiesse (R) is FDA approved for this purpose.  A cannula is used exclusively for these type of injection which minimize the potential for bruising and reduce pain.  Radiesse (R) has also been recently reported to stimulate increased thickening of the skin and collagen production which might assist in prolonging the filler's beneficial effect.

Chin Implant Alternative with Filler

Filler for Hands

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