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Dr. Dannaker offers liposuction of the face and body, totally under local anesthesia.

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Newly FDA Approved CoolLipo™ Skin Tightening
Now Available in Monterey

Monterey, California – January 18, 2008. Dr. Christopher Dannaker, with offices in both Monterey and Beverly Hills, has just announced the availability of a brand new FDA approved laser, CoolLipo™ designed exclusively for laser-assisted lipolysis and skin tightening. Created to dissolve fat and smooth skin in areas such as the abdomen and thighs, CoolLipo™ is an alternative for patients who need a little fine-tuning for tough to treat areas. "This is an ideal procedure for patients who are not ready for an extensive face and neck lift or have small fatty areas that don't respond to diet and exercise," states Dr. Dannaker.

The CoolLipo™ system's 1320 wavelength and short pulse creates a mini-explosion to "pop" the fat cell. In addition, this laser procedure contracts collagen and begins a skin tightening process from the inside out. Patients comment that after having CoolLipo™ not only have they lost inches but they feel as though they are wearing an "internal girdle" because of the skin tightening benefits. CoolLipo™ can be used on all skin types and is ideal to treat the neck and chin, or areas with loose skin such as the arms and inner thighs.

Dr. Dannaker is dedicated to offering the latest procedures in cosmetic dermatology with minimally invasive, leading edge technology at Monterey Dermatology Laser Medical Center and 90210 Dermatology in Beverly Hills.

Board certified by the American Boards of Dermatology and Preventative Medicine, Dr. Dannaker has served as an Assistant Professor and member of the University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine for more than ten years. Dr. Dannaker is a designated laser luminary and been charged with training both domestic physicians and physicians from abroad. Dr. Dannaker established his practice of medical dermatology in 1991 and now has more on-site lasers than any other medical practice on the Central California Coast.

The Monterey Dermatology Laser Medical Center is located at 174 Carmelito Avenue, between Cass Street and Munras Avenue. In addition to street parking, there is private patient parking behind the building.

For information or an appointment: call 831.641.9950

Cool Lipo Laser

The anti-aging industry is growing at a rapid rate with more and more innovative procedures and products making an appearance almost every day. There are many invasive and minimally invasive procedures in the market designed to make one look younger. However, invasive face and neck lifts are still a risky proposition. CoolTouch Inc., now announces the grant of patent by the United States Patent & Trademark Office for its new 1320nm CoolLipo Laser System which is designed to ablate fat in sensitive areas like the neck, chin and arms.

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Cool Lipo Laser Surgery